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@borkdude I ran into a use case for an explicit download-pods subcommand we had briefly discussed (vs. just invoking anything to download them): When I have a mix of local and non-local pods in Docker images, I currently have to get the Linux binary into the same path inside the container (which is sometimes a pain) or bb will bail b/c that's not there. If we had a download-pods subcommand, it could ignore local pods when invoked and not care if they weren't there. Pretty niche use case, I know. But wanted to mention I'd found one. 🙂


An alternative workaround would be if there were a way to specify merged config overrides at the CLI. Something like: bb --config-edn '{:pods {my.local-pod {:path "/container/path"}}}' and it would then deep-merge that into the bb.edn config so it would just override the :path for that one pod. That's not already a thing, is it?