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michael zhou03:05:23

Hello, want to know someone have tried to use bb and edn to create automation install software script like ansible and its yaml playbook.

Bob B03:05:50

<> might be in the ballpark of what you're looking for (available from clojure or a babashka pod)

michael zhou06:05:58

@U013JFLRFS8 thanks. will try spire.


As promised a while back, here are the babashka Q1 2022 survey results!

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babashka 3
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Hi! I’m getting an error “Method schedule on class java.util.concurrent.Executors$DelegatedScheduledExecutorService not allowed!” on a piece of code that seems to work fine on the JVM - I’m guessing I’m just hitting a limit of what Babashka can do? but I guess that doesn’t mean all of it is accessible? This isn’t anything critical, just trying to get my head around the “Java interop” bit of Babashka 😄

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This can be fixed


Can you make an issue + repro?


is this a bug or a feature request? 😅


I’m actually quite a few versions behind I’ve realised so I’ll try to repro on latest babashka first


Ah great thanks! For now I’m getting away with putting a Thread/sleep inside a future and using future-cancel 😅


Ah makes sense, so even though Executors is included, newSingleThreadScheduledExecutor is returning an instance of DelegatedScheduledExecutorService which isn’t in that list.