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Tara El Kashef10:01:25

Hi there 🙂 I'm Tara, recently been added to this channel

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Spencer Wolf12:01:32

Hi everyone, I'm Spencer. I just landed a full stack clojure position! I'm brand new to clojure and am super excited

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Nick McAvoy13:01:50

Congratulations, and welcome!

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We get lots of hellos, and emoji responses here, which is great. But I hope that everyone is encouraged to look around at the various channels. I’ve seen a few people recently saying that they had no idea that one channel or another was here, and we’d love to have you participating in each of our spaces.

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I don’t know all the groups that various people may, or may not, be interested in, but as a suggestion: @U0308GCPBL2, @U02UY96AU4F, @U02V1B2MWF4, and @U02U696EM8A… we often hear that people didn’t know that the #clojureladies channel exists, if this is something that might be of interest

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