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Hello everyone. When using expo, does anyone have any reloading problems? I am having to either save twice or save and then reload so that I can get my latest changes on the app. I believe this might be due expo’s compiler watching for changes in the cljs files, so it runs at the same time as shadow’s build, and therefore it gets a stale copy of the build. If this was the case, is there a way to make expo only watch for changes on the js files?


I cant make any precise guesses. But did you disable fast refresh in the development menu? That is pretty important if you are using shadow. Also, if the development menu is being weird you might enable and then disable it.


Yes, fast refresh is likely the issue. Unfortunately, what I've seen is that you need to enable and disable it after any hard refresh in order to prevent the double refresh on change.


I see. I’ll try that, thanks.