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Daniel Slutsky10:01:49

Following recent conversations, we are organizing a meetup – hopefully a first on a series – where individuals and groups will share their experiences, problems, hopes, and doubts, regarding the use of Clojure for data problems. Your response to the survey will help a lot. Also, please share this with relevant friends.

Daniel Slutsky14:01:04

On Nov. 7th, Mey Beisaron gave a wonderful re:Clojure workshop about Tablecloth. The recording is now finally public:


"unsupervised learning learns patterns from untagged data"


re: wav2vec it looks like untagged data w/ the right algorithm produces better results than tagged data by a lot. that's so insane. but then, think about if the tags humans ascribe to things are actually helpful for a neural net to deduce patterns.


I remember how amazed I was by word2vec back in the day and at the same time the algorithm was quite simple and easy to understand. Generative adversarial networks and autoencoders use a slightly different approach but have similar aspirations, in case you're interested in learning more about unsupervised algorithms that often work better than supervised ones.


Well I'm not opposed, whatever it takes to accomplish the goal, especially if it works well, I'm interested in. I would like to start an open-source endeavor for the above ^ (some posts back in #data-science) and I am optimistic that once I start it others will help advance it.