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Daniel Slutsky10:01:00

Following recent conversations, we are organizing a meetup – hopefully a first on a series – where individuals and groups will share their experiences, problems, hopes, and doubts, regarding the use of Clojure for data problems. Your response to the survey will help a lot. Also, please share this with relevant friends.


Clojure &lt;&gt; Wolfram Language Study Group #2 is happening tomorrow :) Please check out the post for the coordinates: Will be posting more details on Zulip tomorrow. It’s a very small and casual affair, so feel free even if you’re completely new to the topic.


The London Clojurians are happy to announce: Clojure Web Development Evolved (by Dmitri Sotnikov & Nik Peric)

Daniel Slutsky15:01:23

On Nov. 7th, Mey Beisaron gave a wonderful re:Clojure workshop about Tablecloth. The recording is now finally public:

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