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we use ag-grid, and specifically this function which recently moved from one namespace to the other


I tried all the possible ways I could think of to require it but I can't seem to crack the enigma, any idea? The function itself is also available directly in the node_modules/ag-grid-enterprise/ag-grid.js for example, but either that or trying to use the full path doesn't work


@andrea.crotti do you have an example of JS using this? regarding locating exported functions never look at the source on github. that is the raw source and usually has very little to do with the final bundled result.


Yeah I figured that it's pointless to look at the source


I'll see if I find an example of js using it


how did you use it before? I mean it should be possible to reconstruct it based on where it moved from and what it was called before


in the end I just rewrote that function in cljs


since it was literally 3 lines of code


so it doesn't break again next time ag-grid move it again

Ben Hammond22:01:30

I have two browsers loading my shadow-cljs managed webpage I am using npx shadow-cljs cljs-repl foo` to connect to one of them. Is there an easy way to swith to a repl on the other browser?