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Hi everyone, my name is Thierry. In about a month I am starting a new job where one of my main tasks will be maintaining, troubleshooting and expanding a clojure written backend application. I am completely new to Clojure but have a background in Python and C/CPP. Expect some beginners questions from me 🙂

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That’s awesome! If you like you are super welcome to share your learning journey stories in #improve-getting-started.

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Welcome! I moved from Python to Clojure too (and loving it!). Python seems to be about the third most common "last hop" to Clojure (after Java and Scheme IIRC). This amazing community has been a great help, and I'm sure have a similar experience. 🙂

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Prepare to become increasingly annoyed at all the state lying around in your Python code 😜


And you will probably find for less confusing than people who haven’t (ab)used list comprehensions before. 😃

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Welcome! Be sure to join #beginners!

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Hi. I'm Sam. I'm a software engineer looking to go deeper into functional programming, after trying to apply some of what I have read about FP in a context of "multi-paradigm" languages for a while. Haven't worked out yet whether the best route is Clojure, Elixir or Haskell, but dipping my toe into Clojure right now.

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Hey folks! I’m Edo, 41, father of three. I’ve been around for some time but lately I’m more present because I’ve finally decided to move from JS(React/Node) to Clojure(Script). I’ve been learning a lot with all of you guys, many thanks for the always warm and kind help! I’ve also been able to do some networking and get some interviews. I hope I’ll soonish be an employed Clojurian! :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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Here’s a father of five hoping that you are soon employed as a Clojurian!

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Asko Nōmm14:09:28

Here's a father of none, but still hoping you will soon be employed as a Clojurian!