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Is there a way to have Calva (or via another extension) auto-import Clojure namespaces / Java packages while we type ? For instance when I type (str/starts-with or (BasicAWSCredentials.


Calva does not have anything like this today. Might be something to ask about in #lsp.


ok thank you

Christian Pekeler09:08:37

Start your project with a REPL and connect , then how do I stop the project again, i.e. not just disconnect the REPL?


@christian239, Actually, and this is bad design, the project will be stopped if you disconnect.


However, don’t rely on that. The real way to kill the project is to press ctrl+c in the jack-in terminal where the project is started.

Christian Pekeler11:08:57

Thanks. Disconnecting isn’t stopping my leiningen/shadow-cljs project, but ctrl-c works. I thought I wasn’t seeing a “Stop your project” command to mirror the “Start your project” command.


Yes, there should be such a command of course. Please file a request about it on GH. I’ll smack on the good-first-issue label on it. 😃


Happy to hear that disconnect doesn’t kill the server. Not sure why I though it would. 😂

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:08:32

Hi! Is navigating to the namespaces of dependencies and the autocompletion of these supposed to work? My project is and I am connected to the (shadow-cljs) REPL but e.g. clicking on the com.fulcrologic.fulcro.dom require in ui.cljs to navigate there does not work, typing (dom/ proposes a single completion out of the 10s there. 🙏


I get Classpath lookup failed in clojure-lsp. Some features may not work correctly. from clojure-lsp when opening the project. I have no idea why, but anyway.


Before connecting the REPL I can navigate to com.fulcrologic.fulcro.dom and I get lots of completions. Let’s see what happens after connecting the REPL…


It works when I have jacked-in as well. Maybe this is a dependency issue for you. I have submitted a PR to the repo with Calva friendly configuration and some Gitpod convenience. See if that works as you expect, please:


You (or anyone) can try the instructions in the PR against this URL before merge if you like:


I submitted similar Calva config as a PR to your fulcro_exercises project as well the other day, btw. (No Gitpod config there yet, but I can add if you like 😄 )

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)21:08:22

thank you! will have a look tomorrow But for you this worked without these changes? i.e. is st. wrong with my Calva?

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)21:08:26

Sorry about the exercises PR, no idea why I did not get / overlooked the email about t


I overlook those e-mails all the time. I read them on my phone so then they are read, and I forget about them when I'm at the computer and can actually do something about them.


Does the lookup for you work before you connect the REPL? Because the only thing I can think happens is that when the REPL is connected, it is preferred by Calva over the static answer that clojure-lsp provides. And if you don't have the right dependencies then the REPL lookup might be bad. So my next question is: How do you start the REPL?


> I overlook those e-mails all the time. FWIW, I believe I have emails like this marked as read automatically, and I rely on GitHub notifications, which has a pretty nice interface for marking things as done, etc.


Most of my notifications lately are from Calva, but it seems they can be grouped by repo.


I have installed a small browser extension that shows how many unread github notifications I have


It’s supposed to work. I’ll have a look at the project.

🙏 1

Hi all, I have a luminus + reframe project. I’ve tried with lein and now deps.edn to add in reveal in the clj project. For some reason if I run the jack-in sequence for server + client, the reveal profile or alias doesn’t seem to get picked up. If I jack-in to the server only, reveal will launch. Any thoughts?


That’s interesting, I can’t say I understand why. But it’s hopeful that it works with in the server only scenario. If you can publish a public repository with your config I can have a look. Tomorrow, it’s getting late here.


Also, I’m not sure if you are aware that the shadow-cljs admin UI has a very nice inspector as well, which might work while we figure out how get reveal to work. shadow-cljs prints the URL to this UI in the jack-in terminal, I think it starts on port 9631 (but I’m tired so might have the port wrong).


Thank you @U0ETXRFEW I will keep working on it and If I’m still stuck I will try to move this to a public repo