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Hello! I'm Colton. I'm here to learn Clojure mainly because I'm looking to get better at programming and eventually find a Clojure job. I'm at a dead-ish-end programming job now (proprietary language with some C#, JavaScript, & SQL) where I don't have any mentors and I feel myself stagnating. I've done a tiny bit of Brave Clojure but coming from the Microsoft development world I am still puzzled at how I'll build actual applications with Clojure.

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Nikhil Warke17:09:11

Hi @U02CV35U6AH. I've similar background and very recently found Clojure. Coincidentally, I even started with Brave as first resource :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:. I'm currently building a small manga reader using ClojureScript (Its about ~200 LOC big). If I'm understanding your problem right, I think I can help you with beginner stuff that I encountered myself. I'm using the project as a playground right now, maybe you want to join in? Let me know.

César Augusto22:09:31

Hi @U02CV35U6AH welcome!!! I hope you can find sufficient info here to not feel stagnated and let us know if you need any help 🙂

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@U029PC2K1HV hey thanks for the message and offer for help. I'm interested in joining in. I can try reading the code and seeing if I understand what's going on.

Nikhil Warke04:09:35

@U02CV35U6AH you're welcome 🙂. Can you share your Gitlab id, I'll add you. Word of caution - like I said it is a playground so it is opposite of a good clojure project/code right now (but it works). It is not;f=1 but I was thinking more along the line of - we get on a screen share, I give a short walk-through, you ask anything you don't get.

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