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Cool demo!


Will try to getting it running at some point soon. The "live reader" idea seems pretty profound. I also feel a bit inspired to check out common lisp too from your praise of it. It's been on the back of my mind since hitting a thing I wished I could use a reader macro for in clj.


@jjttjj thanks! super rough right now. but i'd be happy to show you some neat CL things i've learned sometime


rich learned CL and made clojure

rich 4

imagine what we can make

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Regarding the boostrap cljs stuff, I was knee deep in it about a month ago. It does work pretty well once you get it working, the problem is most libs weren't designed with it in mind and usually require some tweaks to get it working. With a lot of libs now trying to be cljc, and now there's the additional "bootstrap compatibility" thing, it gets a bit intense trying to target so many things at once. And then also it drastically increases code size.


interesting, why the code size? lack of gclosure?


I'm actually not totally sure what's going on to be honest and I'm a bit rusty with it haha, but the way I got it working is with shadow-cljs shipping these large transit files for each library you're using


oh yeah I guess you probably can't cut any unused code out if you want to support eval of everything at runtime


(And I guess the transit files are analyzer output which is also needed to support eval)