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I pushed some fixes to Regal related to how whitespace/non-whitespace was being handled in the generators. I think with that we're getting fairly close to a fist release.


Regal lets you manipulate regular expressions as data, by providing a Hiccup-like regex syntax, and ways to convert between this Hiccup syntax (Regal syntax), compiled regex patterns, and test.check generators. It also helps with writing cross-platform code by providing consistent semantics across JS/Java runtimes, and it allows converting JavaScript regex to Java regex semantically (useful for e.g. dealing with JSON Schema in Clojure)


If you check out master you can also see a sneak peek of our shadow-cljs compatible browser-based test runner Chui that we created based on a commission from Pitch. (still in pre-alpha)


check out regal master, run shadow-cljs watch test, then open localhost:8888 in a browser