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Danny Almeida02:04:43

Hi, I'm new to the keechma as well as clojurescript. I was going through the guides and came across entitydb for state management. I was wondering why entitydb instead of using something like datascript?


@dionysius.almeida there are a few reasons: 1. We rarely have a whole dataset that we query on the front end, we usually load just what we need based on the route 2. We do a very small processing of data on the front end, we usually just put it in the app db and then just read it on the ui side. So, using datascript would add some complexity that we wouldn’t profit from because we don’t have a need for all the features that datascript gives you. What we do need is data normalization, and EDB is giving us that. We’re working on some improvements around EDB, but the core feature set will stay the same. We did use datascript in some cases, and it’s a great lib so if you like it, you can definitely use it with keechma. EDB is an optional lib

Danny Almeida21:04:54

@mihaelkonjevic Thank you for your response. That makes sense. I thought it might be due to some technical reasons. I guess it only makes sense if we are loading entire datasets from the back end and then doing filtering etc on the front end, but then keep the data in-sync would be another added complexity.