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Andres Moreno05:04:12

Hope someone can help me: if I try to cider-jack-in-cljs, Emacs gives me The npx shadow-cljs executable isn't on your 'exec-path and there is no repl launched. My Emacs exec path has "/home/afmoreno/.nvm/versions/node/v12.7.0/bin" and I see npx and shadow-cljs both there. My cider-shadow-cljs-command is npx shadow-cljs and my cider-shadow-cljs-parameters is server My hypothesis was that somehow Emacs is not connecting exec-path and the commands above. And it is true: all I had to do was to run exec-path-from-shell-copy-env and now I can jack-in in CLJS. Does anyone know why this happened? What is the right fix? Thanks! PS Hacky solution: install exec-path-from-shel and then I put this at the end of my init.el file: (exec-path-from-shell-copy-env "PATH". Would love more nuanced approach but posted this so that other lost souls will be able to get on with their lives...


I think that exec-path uses your current shell path at emacs startup, so it might have something to do with the time at which your full path gets built. For example, if you start an emacs daemon before your .bashrc gets sourced, then changes to the PATH won't make it

Drew Verlee19:04:11

When i start a nrepl on my current project it fails with an error that goes in a popup. I can't seem to retrive the error after that. i used to be able to look at the cider error buffer and it would show, but the buffer doesn't come up or doesn't have anything. This is on emacs.

Drew Verlee19:04:55

thanks. I dont believe that was showing it either.


then it died before it got there

Ian Fernandez19:04:09

hello, I'm having a problem with cider these days =(

Ian Fernandez19:04:29

error in process filter: Wrong type argument: characterp, nil when I eval something that returns nil


When I load a cljs namespace, I get this in the mini-buffer:

Clojure only operation requested in ClojureScript buffer. 
Where does this error come from?


are you trying to :refer :all ?