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hello. are there any examples of a pull expression helper on top of crux/entity calls? I have one working for my use cases but I'm interested if there are others


Hey - I've not seen anything new recently, but did you already see this pattern of writing pathom resolvers ? Perhaps this approach could be made more dynamic somehow

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Are you looking for an alternative to your map-zipper? Or is this separate?


I haven't seen that example using pathom, thanks!


This is separate from the map-zipper, just using recursion to implement the datomic pull api


Looks like for my use case I can let pathom resolve recursive queries as in that example


Excellent 🙂 let us know how it goes!


I hacked together a basic pull helper: even if using pathom for the API, I find it helpful to query nested structures from the repl. right now it just basic props, joins, recursive queries and '* props. It also uses stack recursion, but I may look into using trampoline to address that.

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