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FYI; Lacinia still states beta status in the readme, while there's a 1.0 release for a while now 🙂

Henrik Suzuki12:11:07

Hi! Does anyone know if there is a function or library that can convert from an graphql schema defined in edn to a SDL-schema? Or maybe extraxt an SDL-schema from a graphql rest endpoint somehow.


You can run an introspection query to get the schema. Most GraphQL explorers come with one. Here's an example:

Henrik Suzuki12:11:11

Thank you! I'll check it out :)


Introspection queries don't support directives though; so you may have to copy them over by hand. at least, unless someone knows about a edn->sdl library 😬

Henrik Suzuki12:11:00

Yeah I had to remove the directives part to get it to respond. The thing is I'm trying to generate a Java client to my graphql API, with this maven project. But it uses graphqls files.


I seem to be unable to extend unions: I'm trying to extend union MyUnion = ExtraType but it results in

{:type clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo,
 :message "Failed to parse GraphQL schema.",
 :data {:errors ({:locations [{:line 1, :column nil}],
        :message "no viable alternative at input 'extendunion'"})}
Is this not supported in lacinia :thinking_face: ?


Adding extend union-support was easy enough. I could create a PR if anyone is interested


Seems like an oversight to me, so a PR would be welcome.


Has anyone tried sending transit as the wire format for gql?


Should work, main problem is compatibility with other clients, which in turn probably kind of defeats the purpose.


Oooh that sounds intriguing