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Alex Hernandez03:11:12

Hey everyone! I'm a developer from California, USA. I've always enjoyed learning Clojure as a hobby. I found myself fortunate enough to have an interview scheduled tomorrow as a Clojure developer!! So I thought now would be a good time to introduce myself and connect with the community. If anyone has any tips on interviewing for a role using clojure, please feel free to message me! I hope to get to know you all more

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Good luck tomorrow!

Shivam Singhal16:11:01

Hi everyone, I am Shivam and I am a developer from India. Been learning clojure as part of my new job at for almost 1.5 months now! I started out with Python, then shifted to JavaScript and now onto Clojure. Looking forward to be active in the community and helping out others 😀

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