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Try out 1.1-alpha-5a and report back, if you can. I’m still looking for more optimizations. In some cases, the optimizations shift logic from the execution phase back to the parse phase … that’s really good if you can cache parsed queries. Still, it should be marginally better used as-is, and if you want to enable some of the opt-in optimizations, even better. Definitely shifted some processing and object allocation out of execution and into the parse (or schema compile) stages.


Perf changes are looking good! Unfortunately we weren't able to test the latest release yet because some internal lib uses selector-context/is-wrapped-value?. Seems to be an easy fix though.


Fortunately, that just moved to a new, different, and equally undocumented/unsupported internal namespace.


Haha; yeah we have an helper which creates a Relay style node resolver which relied on it. Small change though 🙂. Will put in some effort today to migrate to 1.1-alpha-5a soon.


Trying it out this week. I suspect there's a bug with returning tagged values with errors in subscriptions. Working on a repro; will report back when I can


So I got to repro this, and the test starts failing since If i reverse the change to src/com/walmartlabs/lacinia/executor.clj the error-key in subscriptions works as before. I'll create a PR with a test and the 'fix' so you can take a look: