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I'm thinking of doing a lacinia release tomorrow; how many people are using the latest alphas and is anyone hitting any insurmountable problems?


Have used the latest alpha to experiment with Federation gateway, it worked well


We’re shying away from alphas usually, are there breaking changes in this one?


(It seems not but I couldn’t know until I check)


Optional request tracing is now designed to be compatible with Apollo GraphQL's implementation.

New support for Apollo GraphQL Federation.

The default objects names for storing operations are now Query, Mutation, and Subscription, and these must be objects (not unions), as per the GraphQL specification.

Added function com.walmartlabs.lacinia.executor/selection which provides access to the details about the selection, including directives and nested selections.

A new schema compilation option can be used to implement field definition directives by wrapping field resolvers; the selection API can expose information about the field, including a field's type system directives.

Fixed an issue where a Schema Definition Language that contained the literal values true, false, or null would fail to parse.

Lacinia now correctly conforms to the GraphQL specification related to Errors and Non-Nullability.

It is now possible to use query variables inside a list or input object type.


So some behavior changes (watch out for the errors and non-nullability stuff), but the APIs are (I believe) all backwards compatible.


There comes a point where we need to call it 1.0. I haven't really nailed down criteria for that.


We run our alphas in production, at scale.


Hm. We're definitely not hitting the monthly cadence we started with.