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I've got a question about the best way to chain requests in re-frame land. I'm dealing with an api that requires multiple POSTs in sequence, with each one building on the result of the previous.


Is there a good pattern for this? Manually chaining together events seems a bit fragile


to elaborate: I've got to create topic a, post message 1 to topic a, post message 2 referencing message 1 to topic b


Now, I've got a generic create-topic event handler, and a generic send-message event handler, as those are used all over the place.


And at each step I've got to hook in to the flow in a generic way to track requests, updating request status and loading spinners, etc.


So the chain of events is becoming quite long, and I worry that I'm going to have trouble figuring out how it all works in 6 months


And the thing that keeps poking me is that this can be done with ~10 lines of code with async/await style js, and I'm not sure how to translate it.


I'm not confident enough to say that this is the best way, but I remember using to achieve something similar


thanks, I'll check that out


@datran kee-frame has a rudimentary state machine which I’ve personally found very helpful in situations like you describe.