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So, until this issue has had some thought , I'm wrapping the inner sections of my (comment..) blocks with a (do....). Anyone got any other strategies?

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Wrapping with a do is what I do too.


I’m missing something. How does this help?


My use case is running several forms inside a comment block at once.


I thought #132 is the problem where I have something like (comment (+ 1 1)) and I press ,er inside the (+ 1 1) form, which currently just evals the (comment …) and returns nil.


Oh, I think I see. I thought the idea #132 was to stop the “eval root” just before the comment. I think what you folks are suggesting is that “eval root” should eval the whole comment as a do , so wrapping the content in a do and doing ,ee in the do is a workaround. Do I have that right?


Yes, that's what I do, I actually do not have an opinion about #132 except that the current behavior has no utility except consistency 😉