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Hey folks 👋 Happy to announce we’ve finally shipping nextjournal/clojure-mode a decent Clojure/Script editing experience in the browser, both on Nextjournal and as an open source extension for CodeMirror 6: • :woman-juggling:🐙📺📜 I’ve you’ve played with Clojure on Nextjournal and found it meh, now’s the time to try again. Follow-up and questions in #nextjournal

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Just released a new version of Gungnir - A fully featured, data-driven database library. This release adds two crucial features: Transactions and Migrations. Both solutions are data-driven and are documented in the guide

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A brief glance looks to me like you've been getting idea from Elixir/Ecto?


Yep! Ecto is also mentioned in the README 🙂

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