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hello folks, short updates of the day, the tooling integration with Pathom 3 is going well, currently working with Pathom 3: - query editor* - index explorer - requests The query editor * is because there is no trace support for Pathom 3, the tracking of Pathom 3 is different and I'm still experimenting to see if I can reuse the same trace view or if it will need something new on top of previous features, these are new ones available: - graph view for Pathom 3 plans => this is currently showing up instead of the trace for Pathom 3, but this view is incomplete, because it only shows for the root plan, there are plans for every entity, this is were the new trace view needs to make a way to see everything - new logs tab => this is a new main tab on Pathom Viz, by using some new commands from pathom viz connector you can log visual entities there, currently only to render graph visualizations from plain structures (without having to connect an environment, here I did wrote a few Reveal extensions so I can transfer a map representation to a visual one to see in Pathom viz)

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