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Jordan Robinson17:01:08

hey there, at the minute in cursive when I try and use httpkit.client I get a warning that it can't resolve the functions. I had a quick look into it and it looks like it might be because httpkit uses a macro to generate the functions under client. Is it expected that cursive wouldn't figure them out? It's a minor annoyance but it would be nice to have autocomplete on these if possible. This is the bit of httpkit with the macros: and please see attached image for what cursive says about it


I just ran into this yesterday. I resolved by instructing cursive to resolve defreq as declare

Jordan Robinson17:01:47

ah that would be good! Could I ask where I would instruct cursive to do so?


Not a perfect solution but it keeps cursive from generating warnings


Sure. Go to defreq macro definition. Put the cursor on defreq and do an alt-enter


You'll get a popup menu with an option for "Resolve defreq as..."


Select "Specify"


and choose declare from the next menu


I'm giving these instructions from memory. If they aren't right, lmk

Jordan Robinson17:01:18

that did it, thanks very much! 🙂

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