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I was looking into which would fix Detect breaking changes made to the api and schema coverage checks but for that you need the graphQL SDL and you can't do it from the edn schema because Generate GraphQL SDL is not supported Is anyone using both lacinia and graphql-inspector? How do you do it? • using graphQL SDL to define your schemas instead of edn so you can compare the diff with the inspector or • you found a way to generate the graphQL SDL? I feel like there is a cumbersome way to generate the SDL using but I'm wondering if I'm missing something simpler


Partially answering my own question, you can do: to check your current graphql SDL against a running lacinia pedestal endpoint: graphql-inspector diff resources/graphql.schema.json to update your graphql schema with a running lacinia pedestal endpoint: graphql-inspector introspect --write resources/graphql.schema.json


To support federation, I started on writing an emitter that would generate pretty and parsable SDL from the compiled schema, but had to abandon it for time constraints. Hopefully in the next release.

Lennart Buit17:01:20

Haha fun, I was doing the same the other day because I was frustrated that directives have no introspection support

Lennart Buit17:01:30

(There is no spec! It’s not lacinia’s ‘fault’)