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Hi Clojure folks! 👋 Titanoboa 0.9.1 is out! 🎉 Most notable new features: • Ability to suspend/resume workflow jobs • Adding a new API endpoint to stop particular worker • Ability for workers to self-initiate restart in case of a fatal error. • Support for private s3 mvn repos

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Very interesting. Can you schedule steps in the workflow? e.g run the next step of a workflow for example 7 days from now? For polling type of functionality.


@U1G5P6G0L currently this is not there, but I have heard this type of requirement few times already so it might be worth adding. Feel free to drop a note in the github discussions or submit an issue so as I won't keep lose track of it.


Hello @U5L1P2D9U Just started digging into this really love it, was wondering if you think it makes sense to have a library of workload functions that can be created and used in the platform without require a customer library.


@UMFRQDVU1 thanks, glad you like it! I started putting some to this git repo:


I probably should add more, but then it is also super easy to create new ones. Also you can do really lots of stuff with just the http client ( ) - pretty much any API call you can do just by tweaking what url it should call...


Also if you create anything useful feel free to do a pull request.


I do want to compose my own and wrap some of the http calls since they aren’t always usable without some transformations. Seems that I have to write workload-fns as anon funcs instead of calling from a library of pre-build functions


You can do both, using a library fn is probably better/cleaner for production use


while anon funcs are better for prototyping


ok need to do more digging. Also how do you access REPL within the IDE?


just highlight what you need to execute and hit ctrl-enter

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obviously this can have side effects on the server side so should be used when you know what you are doing 😉


and also auto-complete is ctrl-space


got it.. super cool.. ❤️ this


I probably should write it somewhere


Thanks! I am always super happy to hear from ppl using it because it is tremendously helpful to see what ppl use it for, what they like / what does not work etc., so feel free to let me know what you think after you've played with it for a bit - e.g. in here or on github discussions. Cheers!


Hello @U5L1P2D9U Maybe you should setup a channel to discuss Titanaboa. I have noticed that http-client tasklet does not eval keys in properties e.g.

:basic-auth #titanoboa.exp/Expression{:value " [(:FWD_USER *properties*) (:API_TOKEN *properties*)] ", :type "clojure"},


Hi, this was broken awhile ago, should be fixed now, I will double check


And yep, good idea with the channel, feel free to set it up or i will do it later


Alternatively I always wanted to try github discussions, so we could move the chat there

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@UMFRQDVU1 feel free to paste there the whole workflow edn will look at it in the evening


I've just released pedestal-api 0.3.5 pedestal-api is a batteries-included library for building APIs in pedestal with auto-generated OpenAPI/Swagger documentation This release updates all the dependencies, most notably the swagger-ui

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Released * *of `clojure-lsp` with a lot of changes/fixes 🎉 This release removes all `clojure-lsp` parsing knowledge replaced by `clj-kondo` analysis/findings output. For more info, check #lsp

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This is huge. Super well done all you people doin' it!

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Do you produce release notes? I’d love follow along.


We don't have a CHANGELOG yet @UABU2MMNW I'm adding info on the release tag on Github for now, but soon I intend to crete a CHANGELOG 🙂

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[ANN] com.walmartlabs/lacinia 0.38.0 and lacinia-pedestal 0.15.0 Lacinia is an open-source implementation of the GraphQL specification, in Clojure. GraphQL is an outstanding approach to getting diverse clients and servers exchanging data cleanly and efficiently. GitHub repo: Documentation: Featured changes in 0.38.0: - Support for Apollo GraphQL Federation - New selection API to introspect the query, including type system and directives - Correct compliance with the GraphQL specification with regards to errors and non-nullability - Query variables may now be used inside input object and list literals lacinia-pedestal adds support for accessing GraphQL as an HTTP endpoint GitHub repo: Documentation: Featured changes in 0.15.0: - Enables request tracing by default - Interceptors that add keys to the context now delete those keys on exit

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