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hello all. I'm after some input on data_readers.cljc - I want to be able to have a tag #foo/bar"xyz" that is read in both clojure and clojurescript - and of course the reader fn output will be different for clojure vs cljs. It doesn't seem to work to have reader conditionals in data_readers.cljc itself (the .cljc suffix suggests to me that should be possible though?) - or to have a :clj/:cljs conditionals in the tag reader function. Any ideas? I raised CLJS-3294 for this, but it could just be something I'm not doing right, rather than a bug


I think we have a ticket for this on clj side too


.. couldn't see an existing one


I think the fix would be to allow reader conditionals in data_readers.cljc - do you agree?


sorry, don't have time to look at it right now


what would be the correct behaviour do you think? reader conditionals in data_readers.cljc?