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I've just released pedestal-api 0.3.5 pedestal-api is a batteries-included library for building APIs in pedestal with auto-generated OpenAPI/Swagger documentation This release updates all the dependencies, most notably the swagger-ui

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Released * *of `clojure-lsp` with a lot of changes/fixes 🎉 This release removes all `clojure-lsp` parsing knowledge replaced by `clj-kondo` analysis/findings output. For more info, check #lsp

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This is huge. Super well done all you people doin' it!

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Do you produce release notes? I’d love follow along.


We don't have a CHANGELOG yet @UABU2MMNW I'm adding info on the release tag on Github for now, but soon I intend to crete a CHANGELOG 🙂

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[ANN] com.walmartlabs/lacinia 0.38.0 and lacinia-pedestal 0.15.0 Lacinia is an open-source implementation of the GraphQL specification, in Clojure. GraphQL is an outstanding approach to getting diverse clients and servers exchanging data cleanly and efficiently. GitHub repo: Documentation: Featured changes in 0.38.0: - Support for Apollo GraphQL Federation - New selection API to introspect the query, including type system and directives - Correct compliance with the GraphQL specification with regards to errors and non-nullability - Query variables may now be used inside input object and list literals lacinia-pedestal adds support for accessing GraphQL as an HTTP endpoint GitHub repo: Documentation: Featured changes in 0.15.0: - Enables request tracing by default - Interceptors that add keys to the context now delete those keys on exit

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