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Phil Jackson13:05:14

Hey all. Anyone got decent Emacs highlighting on the go for >defn and co?

Phil Jackson16:05:04

I'm getting a spec failure with >defn that I don't seem to get with explain:

Phil Jackson16:05:29

Function arguments↵ ({:selected #uuid "eb88dd40-8f23-4c36-8a39-b9a5020d01d3",↵ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^↵ :cvs↵ {#uuid "eb88dd40-8f23-4c36-8a39-b9a5020d01d3"↵ {:id #uuid "eb88dd40-8f23-4c36-8a39-b9a5020d01d3", :name "Main"}}})↵ should satisfy↵ uuid?↵

Phil Jackson16:05:22

Does that look like it should be ok, or could I be missing something?


You can macroexpand-1 the whole (>defn ...) block in the REPL to see what it desugars to and troubleshoot that directly to see what's wrong. Not quite sure what's going on here, but at first sight this does not seem like a Ghostwheel-related issue. Happy to be proven wrong, of course. 🙂

Phil Jackson15:06:26

Yep, sure thing.

Phil Jackson19:06:13

Yo. I updated my version of Shadow (and therefore my cljs) and it's all working now. Apologies for the noise!

Phil Jackson19:06:22

Thanks for Ghost too, it's great.


Thanks, and no worries.