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Shako Farhad00:05:40

I just have a hard time understanding how that looks in clojurescript. Anyone seen this before, or used something similar?


@shakof91 that is a good question


you might want to ask in the main #clojurescript channel, I’m actually curious how to do that


basically “how do we set JavaScript directives in ClojureScript”

Shako Farhad00:05:14

I will throw my question into #clojurescript as well. Hopefully somebody knows 😄

Michaël Salihi20:05:00

@thheller > can anyone tell me how to disable the build-in reloading expo does? fast refresh I can disable but it still does something else it seems? Did you find ? With recent Expo version, you should only have that fast refresh.


yeah I guess it just shows a notification but doesn't actually reload