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Converting between vector (hiccup) and map-syntax:

(defn ->map-syntax
  ([?schema] (->map-syntax ?schema nil))
  ([?schema options] (m/accept ?schema m/map-syntax-visitor options)))

(defn <-map-syntax
  ([m] (<-map-syntax m nil))
  ([{:keys [name properties children]} options]
   (let [<-child (if (-> children first vector?) (fn [f] #(update % 2 f)) identity)]
     (m/into-schema name properties (mapv (<-child #(<-map-syntax % options)) children)))))
(def Schema
   [:id string?]
   [:tags [:set keyword?]]
      [:street string?]
      [:lonlat [:tuple double? double?]]]]]])

(->map-syntax Schema)
;{:name :map,
; :children [[:id nil {:name string?}]
;            [:tags nil {:name :set
;                        :children [{:name keyword?}]}]
;            [:address nil {:name :vector,
;                           :children [{:name :map,
;                                       :children [[:street nil {:name string?}]
;                                                  [:lonlat nil {:name :tuple
;                                                                :children [{:name double?} {:name double?}]}]]}]}]]}

(-> Schema
; [:id string?]
; [:tags [:set keyword?]]
; [:address
;  [:vector
;   [:map
;    [:street string?]
;    [:lonlat [:tuple double? double?]]]]]]


Should the support for map-syntax be baked into malli.coredirectly? One could create a schema with m/schema using either one (can’t mix - the whole Schema tree needs to be created with same syntax - not to lose any extensibility) and the created Schema would know the syntax it’s created with: m/form would return in the original one.


hmm. maybe not now (thinking aloud), have some really big map schemas in a project with a lot of properties everywhere, that could benefit from map-syntax, but should verify it first.


will just push the helpers into malli.


merged. Also, added a docs/ to collect stuff from here. All tips, docs welcome!


Asciidoc might be a better format as it has the table of contents etc.