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Clojure opening at Amazon Seattle, high TPS and some ML work in the team, PM if interested! # #clojure #amazon #opening

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@U011XSWR85Q Am I right in assuming this is local only (Seattle, WA) although remote-during-covid?


@U04V70XH6 I think you can start remote, and depending on the company’s policy post covid, you might need to work in office ( I do see a chance of a full remote, can’t be sure now)


To be clear @U011XSWR85Q I'm not asking for me but for the clarity of others here on Slack. We prefer recruiters to be crystal clear about how remote any job opening actually is. My understanding of Amazon's policy is that they're not exactly remote-friendly in general...

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I understand. That was a bad articulation of my personal guess, so please scratch that. You are right. Our team is working remote during COVID and the position is not a remote job. Thanks for pointing it out.


Alternatively, if I’m late in replying, please reach out on Linkedin or email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. Thank you!