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Chris McCormick08:05:36

Hey all, this is not Clojure but I wrote it because I miss Enlive & Hiccup style document manipulaton so much when working in Python.

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Nice! There was a thing like this a while back called cottonmouth, which wasn't doing a great job of staying up to date, and which I ended up forking for a project. I'd love to see someone actively maintaining a tool like this. Hiccup to the world!

Chris McCormick01:06:36

@U05100J3V ah yes i actually tried this and i can't remember why i settled on pyhiccup instead. pyhiccup is also not maintained but it is pretty much feature complete for my use-case. i am wrapping pyhiccup and also beautifulsoup4 so that you can do both the enlive type of things (replacing/modifying existing HTML forms) and the hiccup type of things (generating new HTML forms declaratively).