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What is the correct way of incrementing a integer field in the database? (m/set-value! this :foo (inc foo)) does not seem correct when there are multiple of them in the same synchronous block.


What do you mean by multiple of them? All submissions that happen while you hold the ui thread are executed together


Hmm I guess so. What about when the set-value! call is inside a callback function? The value of foo might be stale when the set-value! is called.


Isn't that why react's setState accepts an updater function?


@U0CKQ19AQ, Also, I think this is the same reason m/toggle! exists, right? Because (m/set-value! this :foo (not foo) is incorrect.


Maybe we can let set-value! accept an updater function in place of a value?


After reading the com.fulcrologic.fulcro.mutations namespace I think I know why m/set-value! cannot have a version like react's setState with updater function -- because in the end the value is set through a mutation set-props, and mutation arguments cannot be a function.


I guess that's also why there's m/raw-update-value! which sort of does what I want, but strangely asking for that current-props which wasn't asked in m/set-value!. The reason m/raw-update-value! has to ask for current-props is because, unlike the mutation set-props, it does not have access to the ref. (Although I don't see why you can't figure out ref from app which is typically this)


Also, m/raw-update-value! can not be used in a fixed-ident component, since it cannot figure out the ident from the props.


I think you need to show the code of what you're trying to do currently, instead of asking a generic question with no example.


I guess I have to def a client-side mutation for the action of "increment"?