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I wonder if anyone here uses reitit with juxt clip (am I the only one!?! 🙂 ) who can illumate me on how to do a dev workflow so, if I change a (function) route, and eval, I don't have t restart the system again?

Ben Sless17:03:23

I just did something similar with component, maybe you could steal ideas?


I can have a looksee, but from what I've been playing around, I have to reload the system so far


do you have a link?

Ben Sless18:03:57

no, but I can tell you what I did Order of dependencies for components: server -> ring-handler -> ring-router -> routes -> handlers map routes: [[path-a handler-a] ... Then in development you can pass all the handlers as vars instead of function values, or build the handlers wrapped in (fn [x] (handler x)) making sure they are referenced by name and not by value at dev time also see


Yup, thank you. Reading that, so far, can't get it to work. Will keep plugging away at it.

Ben Sless20:03:29

I got it wrong for about three hours until I figured it out


WHen you say referenced by name, not value, can you elaborate?

Ben Sless20:03:49

One way to do it is with vars, another is requiring resolve, or (fn [x] (f x)), which doesn't do anything, but is compiled in a way where f isn't passed by value

Ben Sless20:03:59

Something like (defmacro $ [f] (fn [~'x] (~f ~'x))) then when you refer to your handler which you pass to the routes do it with ($ handler)

Ben Sless20:03:07

checked it now, works as expected


thank you, will give it a whirl

Ben Sless05:03:09

Do you want to share a code snippet?


Sure, I'll DM you

Oliver Marks21:03:57

So I have a wild card route where I am passing in a string "one/two/three" "/posts/{*path}" with that as the route, what I am finding is rfe/href is encoding the slash in the url, which often you might want but in this case makes the links look ugly is there a way to disable this ? the links do work but posts/one%2Ftwo%2Fthere does not look as nice as posts/one/two/three.

Oliver Marks14:03:08

figured out in the end that you can just concat on the end of the function call.