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Good Morning!


UK gov't is matching donations (up to a total limit of £20 million)


urgh, just give the goddam money UK government


Just saw someone from Finland in #clojure-nl look around for jobs, because his country might join NATO and is close to Russia... hmm.


Russia has its hands full now but if you think Ukraine will fall, and that's still very possible, then it's sensible to imagine who gets it next. Estonian folks would seem to have a more legitimate case than Finland though. But if you were thinking about seeing the world, it's a very motivating situation to put those dreams into action.


I've never been outside of Europe, lol


I'm kind of flattered that he thinks Netherlands is safe, for how long?


I don’t think Finland is a likely target at all. They’re already in the EU anyway which has NATO’s article 5 in a lite version. Moldova is the obvious next target (if there is going to be one), since it is right next door to Ukraine, already has Russian-backed breakaway region, and appeared on that Belarusian invasion map… but I don’t even see that happening now.


I understand Fins being worried, but it makes no sense to attack Finland


at least invading Ukraine makes sense in a way if your goal is trying to make a big Soviet Reunion… which it seems to be.

Ben Sless11:03:03

I'm holding on to my minimalist position that his plan is not even to take over Ukraine but to topple its government and turn it into a buffer state, while peeling away pro-russian territories, but time shall tell. If you want something really worrying to think about, read about how this disrupts food production and supply lines. Then compound it with the 200% increase in the price of ammonia which is used in fertilizers. The coup de gras might not even be by force of arms, but by walking Europe into a noose of energy and food shortage


If we're in hot take mode and why not... zooming out, Russia could be seen as acting as a proxy state for China. If you accept that (and I agree that's a big if) then when China says "that's enough Vlad", he will stop. China needs energy AND markets and Russia simply isn't big and strong enough to operate such a noose if China does not want it. And I'm convinced that China does not want that outcome.

Ben Sless13:03:20

I think China and Russia are actually rivals when it comes to energy and resources. No idea what pushing them together will result in. Nothing good.


China are massive compared to Russia so I don't think there is genuine rivalry


it's a fun point that Xi said the invasion should be delayed until the Winter Olympics was over .... and it was


fun is the wrong word

Ben Sless16:03:49

China is massive but Russia isn't a light weight actor. They have interests in central Asia which conflict in terms of resources and sphere of influence


Let's agree respectfully to disagree.

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In the end it doesn't matter much who had the right analysis, if your country is getting wrecked at the moment :)

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