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Can someone please tell me how to keep the function signature window open while typing a function and its arguments? Basically looking for the equivalent of showing the function doc with ctrl+k. I use coc.nvim.

Noah Bogart16:03:33

I am the maintainer of coc-clojure and haven't figured this one out yet. šŸ˜­

Noah Bogart17:03:32

i'm reading through the calva code to see if I can borrow their ideas/implementation to make this work cuz it's really annoying lol


Please do share if you figure it out. I can't spend much more time fiddling with this thing today. Would definitely be nice to have.

Noah Bogart14:03:24

from my experiments, seems like coc.nvim doesn't work correctly with the signature helper stuff in clojure-lsp. i don't quite understand how/why, so i'm gonna keep poking at it today


@UEENNMX0T Thanks for working on that. I'm a little confused, would this functionality rely coc-clojure, or is it something that should be configurable without coc-clojure? I am a user, I just don't understand the dependency paths, especially with vim-iced playing a part.

Noah Bogart14:03:23

i don't use vim-iced anymore so i don't know how they do things. i haven't checked if it works without coc-clojure, so maybe i should do that


anybody have a good nvim-cmp starter config in Fennel? looking to move from nvim-compe to nvim-cmp


I haven't tried it myself yet, but (shared here recently) looks really interesting, is in Fennel and uses nvim-cmp.

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I've recently switched to this config. For me it's working really well out of the box and prompted me to switch from vim + fireplace to this config. The autoclosing of the double quote didnt work correctly for me, but I hacked around that.


I have a mix of things, inspired by @U38J3881W conjure and vim tweaking video he did, plus some othersā€¦ but was thinking it was about time to move to nvim-cmp to see about snippet support in LSP