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Jakob Durstberger08:03:39

Hey all, MyPulse (, where I work, are currently hiring. Our tech stack consists of Clojure microservices in the backend and Typescript based React Native for the consumer-facing mobile apps. We use PostgreSQL data stores and Kafka for inter-service messaging. All of this is continuously delivered to AWS multiple times a day using Docker, ECS, Terraform and Concourse CI. Day-to-day we use TDD, pairing and XP practices to be able to move quickly and in a way that we like to work. We’re fully remote but UK only for now. Currently we’re looking for: • Senior Developers - £65-85k ( • Senior Infrastructure Engineer - £85-100k (;vjk=ff0a2a9d845a8781) If you’re interested please feel free to either DM me on here, apply through the links above, or contact <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> with your CV. Sorry, no recruiters or contractors at this time.

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Tash Laybourne10:03:53

Hey Clojurians! Riverford Organic are looking for a Senior Clojure Engineer to join their team remotely from the UK. Riverford are an organic produce delivery service and distribute 90,000 veg boxes to customers' doors every week 🥕 The role involves coding daily in Clojure, maintaining and extending the API that powers Riverford's website and mobile app. Commercial Clojure experience would be ideal but is not necessity! As long as you have worked in a FP language or Java for 1 year the door is open, making it a great opportunity for any talented devs wanting to get into a full-time Clojure role. Drop me a DM on here if you're interested in the role or send me an email at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> :e-mail: Full job description:

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