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Danny Almeida02:10:27

Has anyone used fulcro + react native with re-natal ? expo apk sizes are quite big - 50+ mb and re-natal does a good job of keep the apk file sizes small. Any ideas on how to integrate with re-natal ?


Over a year ago I ported an app away from expo to bare. It really wasn't that bad...but unfortunately it's been long enough that I don't remember a ton about it


not using native in the current projects


Reviewing the old code...I guess it was the "bare" workflow of expo...which I guess is the default now

Danny Almeida08:10:34

@tony.kay Do you have the source code for it ? I am trying a react native app as a project. When I compiled to an apk using expo it was around 60mb in size. I read that with re-natal sizes are typically in the single digits for basic apps

Danny Almeida05:10:52

Ah i see.. no worries. Cheers


Hi @tony.kay, is Fulcro-RAD ready for Pathom 3?


Define "ready" 😄

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All of the RAD libraries are using Pathom2. I have not had time to consider the path forward.

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I use this stuff in a number of large projects, and it is a published library, so I have to assume others do as well. so I need a decent porting story.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:10:50

Could you be so kind @tony.kay and remind me where you shared the IntelliJ template (or what is it called) for creating defsc quickly? 🙏


its called "Live Templates" 🙂

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Just pull the Live Templates out if these settings


you probably don't want other stuff...that has kb shortcuts/color scheme, etc...


but IJ will let you pick what you want to import