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yeah between jiu jitsu and programming i have always been impressed i haven't had any issues with tendon pain

Ben Sless04:10:09

Then you end up with a messed up tendon for months because you were holding something in a wrong orientation for too long 🙃 Do you have an ergonomics advisor in your workplace?


i'll ask about that.


maybe it's coming back to bite me

Vincent Cantin04:10:25

No joke about clojure.core/meta so far?

Ngoc Khuat08:10:21

lol, be the first then?

Thomas Moerman09:10:36

damn zuck for profaning my favourite comic series: the Metabarons

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Ngoc Khuat09:10:29

ok I see what you did there @U8MJBRSR5, nice one lol

Ngoc Khuat09:10:30

hi, I’m new here and I noticed that some ppl prefer to respond in the channel but not in the thread. I personally think threading makes the conversation more organized and easy to follow. I’m curious what are the reasons behind responding to the channel?


Sometimes it seems that some people use alternative Slack clients that simply don't support threads. E.g. when someone @ you outside of a thread you started but still continues the thread narrative.

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A mix of laziness, old habits, and sarcasm I presume kappa

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Ngoc Khuat09:10:10

good one haha


Thanks I like to feel clever 😄


Anyone explain this:

<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>Toy ASM</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/all.css"/>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/bootstrap.min.css"/>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/main.css"/>
		<i class="fas fa-caret-down"/>



<i class="fas fa-caret-down"></i>
Only displays one caret.


WHen is closing the tag with a slash in the same <>, not hte same as </x> ?

Colin P. Hill12:10:39

Per > In HTML, the use of this syntax is restricted to void elements and foreign elements. If it is used for other elements, it is treated as a start tag. Not sure why treating it as a start tag yields that result. Maybe it's styling a subsequent text node the same way? Either way, as I understand it, self-closing tags are generally not used in modern HTML, and are mostly an XML thing.

Colin P. Hill12:10:42

I think the only reason they're even supported in void elements is for compatibility with XHTML, but XHTML is also not much of a thing anymore.


> as I understand it, self-closing tags are generally not used in modern HTM Had no idea about this, I don't really ever write html


Does anyone know what the etiquette is for robots.txt crawl-delay with respect to keep-alive? Can I do more than one request on a persistent connection in a crawl-delay interval or is this considered impolite?


OMG, this channel... Diving in headlong... for those who like limericks, to introduce people to Clojure. It begins thusly: > It all began with darkness, > Cold, unforgiving starkness. > Life evolved, > And creatures crawled, > Till Church did Lambda Calculus. 🤪 😁

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Then came John McCarthy, Eyebrows thick and swarthy. Who's S-Expressions, Made lasting impressions, As LISP, before he was forty.


Friedman appeared left-field, Plus, a Guy who Steeled, They not only Schemed, They Virtual Machined, For with Java, also, they dealed.


In continuation, here’s Rich Hickey, A fellow fairly tricky, An errant C-sharp composer, Who since invented Clojure, Now Java keeps taking the mickey.


(The PDF linked above is better, with pictures :)))


😄 what does taking the mickey mean


"" is British slang for joking around, teasing in a friendly way etc. (Context is one make jokes about Java, but one doesn't think Java itself is a joke, because truthfully we're all using Java under the hood.)

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Oh man, no errors with this

(js/Math.sqrt (* dx dx) (* dy dy))
when I actually needed this
(js/Math.sqrt (+ (* dx dx) (* dy dy)))


to be fair:

Math.sqrt(4, 8)


Just in case you write CLJ-compatible code or just prefer this way, CLJS has a "magic" Math namespace that you can use as if it was the Math Java class in CLJ:

cljs.user=> (Math/sqrt 2)


It's documented, so it can be considered a public API that anyone can use.


Today probably can be considered the birthday of the Internet: > First ARPANET IMP log: the first message ever sent via the ARPANET, 10:30 pm PST on 29 October 1969 (6:30 UTC on 30 October 1969). This IMP Log excerpt, kept at UCLA, describes setting up a message transmission from the UCLA SDS Sigma 7 Host computer to the SRI SDS 940 Host computer.

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meta was a good word and concept, I’ll miss it , some dude on twitter

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Ben Sless17:10:58

you're thinking about it the wrong way, we should be thanking Mark for endorsing Clojure this way. Really big of him.


I wonder if all the objects in his world implement IObj !

Ben Sless17:10:13

pvp yoga = bjj?

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Jeff Evans17:10:21

the worst part is “that’s so meta” will no longer be an allowable phrase. although it seemed to have fallen out of fashion ~5-10 years ago anyway, that’s still a disappointment

Colin P. Hill18:10:26

cannot believe the Zuck was the one to finally kill Aristotelianism


real nice how zuck's vision of the future is identical to how people 30 years ago thought the "smart homes of the future" would look by now, except holograms were too hard so we gave up on them and just made everyone wear special glasses


"that's so meta" could be repurposed to mean "that's so delusional"


In what way has Zuck killed Aristotelianism? Sorry, I'm probably missing the context here.

Colin P. Hill13:11:01

@U0CMVHBL2 A joke, and a bit of a reach. Originally the Greek word transliterated as "meta" just meant "after". Our modern sense of it is ultimately Aristotle's fault. He wrote a book called "Physics", and then he wrote the book his students were to study afterward, "After Physics" – aka "Metaphysics". This gave the field of metaphysics its name, and from there the prefix was reinterpreted to denote a kind of abstraction, which is how we use it today.


I actually knew a lot of that context already 🙂. Thanks for explaining anyway. Zuck might kill philosophy in the modern mind of people who spend too much time using his platforms, but he isn't alone in that regard.


And I've heard that it wasn't Aristotle who called it "After Physics", but later scholars/monks/etc. who called it that since in its usual arrangement it came after the one he called "Physics".


but I don't have any authoritative quote for that.

Colin P. Hill18:11:43

Yes, that's correct afaik – I simplified to be brief


> Zuck might kill philosophy in the modern mind of people who spend too much time using his platforms, but he isn’t alone in that regard. My interpretation is just that it will be hard to separate the word’s meaning from the cultural context of fb