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Shantanu Kumar12:10:58

I tried out benchmarking Aleph (among other servers) using but it fails for Aleph on Java 11 and 17. I had to add the following dependencies (beside bumping aleph up to version 0.4.6) to get past the uberjar'ing error:

[javax.xml.bind/jaxb-api "2.3.0"]
[org.eclipse.persistence/eclipselink "2.7.0"]

Shantanu Kumar12:10:44

I have filed two issues (one of them is closed now) in the repo, where you can see more details.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)18:10:44

Thanks, @U066J7E2U, The clojure-http-servers-benchmark repo isn’t ours, so I can’t update it. That being said, I know tests fail on JDK 17 due to some BouncyCastle self-signed cert error.