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I'm trying to use company mode everywhere for completions with cider ... but like in my clj repl buffer, if I do (ma and hit TAB, I get the standard emacs buffer completion. Is this likely to be a misconfiguration on my part, or is it because I'm trying to complete something starting with only 2 chars?


Have not tried it:

(setq company-minimum-prefix-length 2)


default is 3, I think


@UL638RXE2 Thank you, that seems to have been it! I didn't stumble across that when reading docs and I was worried I had something messed up with my CIDER config.

Imdad Ahmed17:10:18

How does cider work along with reader conditionals? For ex. if i conditional require two different namespaces. Would cider correctly evaluate a function based on the loaded namespace?


CIDER should be pretty transparent with this. If it works in Clojure it will work in CIDER


are you observing any issues?

Imdad Ahmed17:10:30

Yes it was my bad, i was doing something incorrectly. It worked as expected. Sorry for the false alarm 😕


no worries 🙂