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Really appreciate @tony.kay's youtube videos teaching Fulcro 3. The videos are illuminating. Though I have been using a different IDE, the intelliJ IDE set up seems so productive that I am considering switching to it. I wonder if the free CE version can do everything Tony did in the videos; or if there are certain features that are only available in the paid version? Thank you.


@hk9861 CE is capable, though does not have NPM support, but that is minimal (dep completion in package.json is nice). So free on IJ is ok. Cursive is free for non-commercial use as well I think, though I encourage people to pay for tools they use

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Thanks Tony for your sharing. It is helpful to know. P.S. Fulcro is an extraordinary piece of creation. Many thanks for making this possible. Look forward to witnessing its continuous growth while learning and using it.


Is there a way to provide the storage-datomic-password password to the fulcro-rad-datomic database config? Looking at the config->dev-url i was able to force it by setting :datomic/database "my-db?password=my-password" in my config.. however im uncertain of how this database name is used for other things..


You could just have your own version of start-database! , and have your own attributes in the config.