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Just published Clover version 0.2.1 in VSCode marketplace and on Open VSX. Clover is a socket-REPL package for VSCode, VSCodium, Gitpod and Eclipse Theia (tested on all these platforms) that's a port of Chlorine (for Atom). On this version, custom commands are enabled! So you can use the same API that you use on Atom (in ClojureScript) to define new commands on VSCodium (they will all be available as Tasks under the folder Clover). More info on the README: Discussions, for now, on #chlorine channel

metal 9
bananadance 6

Wow neat. Even Eclipse Thea, interesting haha


To be honest, I just found that Theia does not have some APIS that I use on Clover, so custom commands will not work at all. But yet, the "regular stuff" should work fine