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I'm on the technical advisory board for MediCapt, an application to combat and help prosecute sexual assault in war zones (specifically right now Africa) being built by Physicians for Human Rights, an organization that has won the Nobel Peace Prize for their work. MediCapt is funded, but they need help in scoping out and developing it. There is some time pressure, because like many nonprofits, their funding expires at the end of the year. They're looking for a team to develop their proof of concept into something production ready. I've done a lot of the legwork gathering requirements, and we'll be helping them provide security resources, but they really need a development team to help turn this thing into reality. A bunch of this stuff is mNDAd, but they're pretty happy to bring people into the fold. If you know a credible development team that wants to work on systems that literally hold war criminals accountable for their actions in one of the most warn-torn places in the world, please let me know.

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@U07QKGF9P You don't specify but I hope that this is related to Clojure/Script tech?


Their current POC isn’t (it’s Ruby on Rails with some couchdb) but let’s say it’s questionably built and they’d be happy to take a credible Clojure(script) shop if I gave them a warm intro

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Unfortunately as you may know a lot of services aimed at nonprofits are borderline predatory, I don’t wanna accuse this shop of being that but they certainly did not do a great job


Unless you consider publishing the couchdb admin cred in the android app APK a “great job”

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