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Mathew Samuel14:11:10

Happy Friday! Ladders is hiring experienced Clojure engineers! We are a remote-first company, we'll hire anywhere in the world. We only ask that you overlap with ET hours in the beginning. We have engineers in China, Romania, Poland, India, and Philippines in addition to the US. Our service layer is entirely in Clojure. We are big believers in functional programming and the Open source movement.  We give back when we can. Apply here:

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Pete Parker16:11:49

Snap eHealth is looking for a Clojurescript/Clojure dev to be our 3rd engineering hire! (USA only) Our stack includes Reagent, Clojure, and Datomic. This role includes developing interactive user interfaces, performant APIs, and real-time analytics. If you are self-motivated, curious, and ambitious to take your engineering to the next level, you will thrive on our startup team! More company info and job description available at Or you can reach out to me directly any time!

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hi @U016GKXMK2T, just checking, is remote a possibility as well? didn't see it mentioned in the description

Pete Parker17:11:09

:thumbsup: Yep, this is open to anybody working in the USA 🇺🇸