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hmph, I think I may have figured it out by doing the explicit lein run instead of referencing the binary


oh god this is great.


how did I live without this for so long :X


With clojure-lsp, how do you turn off warnings about unused declarations for defn forms which are not used? I'm working on a library, so have numerous defn forms which are not used in the project (apart from the tests of course). All of them have a warning about unused declarations. Looking through the docs, there seems to be config options to manage unused namespaces etc, but nothing which seems applicable for unused defn forms?


#emacs might have more lsp traffic. I think there might be an lsp centric channel as well that might get you more information. That sounds like hopefully it’s covered. Public api of an library seems like a common use case


Yes, I expect public API for a library is a common use case. I use lsp-mode with Javascript and had a similar issue, though it was easy to find the linter option to turn off. With clojure-lsp, not as straight-forward, but I suspect I just need to find out what configure option to set. I'll try some of the emacs groups.