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how come the :ref and :component fields in a post-mutation env are nil, even when the load is called with a component?


Post mutation happens async and is triggered by the remote, not a component.


Use post mutation params if you need stuff


Is Fulcro Inspect currently working? I can't seem to get it to work anywhere, including the examples in the Fulcro documentation. It just shows me `Revision nil` in the DB tab. I have 3rd party cookies enabled as per the instructions. Tried in both Chromium and Google Chrome.

Duck Nebuchadnezzar12:11:48

I've been having the same issue with my app, but I installed the rad-demo app and the inspector works for that.


Fulcro inspect (latest in store) requires Fulcro 3.4.2+. If you’re using an older version either upgrade, or manually install the old inspect from here:


Thank you.


Is there a way to make use of tempid/tempid if I haven't yet started using a backend? So far I'm simulating one in the browser as the docs suggest as an option.


What exactly do you want to do?


Just getting started with Fulcro. I'm trying to create a PersonForm that just takes a :person/name and saves a new person to the client db through add-person.


There are no Person records yet, and I haven't given the form access to the entire list of people, so I don't know how to determine a :person/id (which I intend to be different from :person/name.


Yes, tempids can be used in the client….just call that fn from the UI code that makes the new one, and pass it to the mutation


it’ll just stay a tempid forever


Ah, so nothing wrong with doing it like that. I thought maybe there was.