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maybe a silly question, but how do I spin up the fulcro lein template?


the README isn’t adequate??


or is it missing something?


Ah I was looking in the readme of the fulcro project and the template project, but not the locally created template. Thanks.


It appears that the incubator dynamic router is the preferred way for a client-only app that will use code-splitting and will load each route as it's needed? Each route will be pre-rendered and served as a static html + edn file. In the past I've done this by rendering for each route both an HTML w/ included state for the initial route, and a separate EDN file with just the data for client-side route changes. On a route change, I used set-query on the root query to add in the current route's query and data tree. It appears the dynamic router would be good for this?


So Fulcro’s dynamic queries should work correctly in all of those circumstances, which is what the new d.r. needs. BUT I think there are issues with SSR at the moment with that router because not all of the code it uses is cljc-capable. Be happy for some PRs that address that.


reporting back to say that I think the compressible-transact!solved the memory issue I was having when pushing some data from websockets for longer periods of time.


does sort of look that way


fortunately nothing uses it…


Yes, the only thing I could think is maybe it won't get dissoced properly on stop?


Not sure that matters.


yeah, but who cares? 🙂


should prob just be removed


I'm trying to (df/load this :app/data [{(:users/all {:page 2}) (fp/get-query Users)}]) but load requires a component where I'm putting a query How should I be doing this? I'm not sure how to add that {:page 2} when using components.


I will try (df/load this :users/all Users {:params {:page 2}}) But if I have a query with "deeper" params, how do I handle?


params should work for you there, if you need a more complicated situation you may use :update-query, its not so pretty but you can do whatever you want there


[(fake-mutation) [{:deeper [:query]}]] then I use the remote to transform Nice. Tks.