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anybody knows what could cause

failed: ERROR: prepared statement "_caq3" does not exist
in postgres? (we're only doing in-memory pooling, not behind pgpool/pgbouncer)


Did the driver load okay?


hmm yeah I think this was actually a red herring, some db process crashed just before this happened

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Maybe its the cold weather, but it seems no one is interested in speaking on the 5th February. Did I miss anyone?


A wider question is, are we interested in speaking events for the London Clojurians and if so, what do you want people to talk about? Please reply as a thread...


I'd be interested to hear what experience level people have that are attending these events lately. If I lived in London, I would attend the London-based meetups on a regular basis, but unfortunately that isn't the case for me.


I would like to hear about the following subjects: # Using Datomic in a REAL application # Building Event-Sourced Systems in Clojure using... # ClojureScript Beyond the Tutorial # High Performance computing with Clojure and / or anything interesting that anyone wants to talk about.


There is every chance that given a bit more time and opportunity I will happily do a talk about some things Clojure and / or ClojureScript related from about the middle of the year - I've got waaaaay too much on my plate right now, but I want to make time for this stuff 🙂


Also, what @yogidevbear and @U05390U2P said - not a lot of point me expecting a certain level of talk or giving another level of talk if the audience / attendance is out of step with either my aspirations or ability to teach anything.


I will end the regular monthly in-person talks as its hasn't worked very well for well over a year. I will work with companies that want to host talk nights on an ad-hoc basis, these seem to be more popular. SkillsMatter events have never been that popular (except for the conference) If I have time I may trial some online talk broadcasts via YouTube instead. At least they have less barriers to attend / watch. We might also get more feedback about the talks that way. Thanks for everyone's feedback.


Anybody use emacs for javascript? Is there any special magic I need to do to increase the default line length? I think I've got it globally unset so it's the minor mode that's aggressively linebreaking at 80chrs